Hilary Marsh

Hilary Marsh is an experienced Covent Garden restaurateur and wine merchant, British entrepreneur, venture capitalist, business consultant, director, and creator of Botonique: the botanical drink for wine lovers.

Hilary is a modern-day alchemist - a food and fun loving wine merchant who had a happy childhood helping her family make hedgerow wines and elixirs. Her expertise combines years of professional wine tasting experience with traditional herbal wisdom and modern nutritional science.

After years of partying as well as professional wine tasting, Hilary knew she had to look after her liver and longer-term health. Hilary had no intention of stopping drinking altogether, so cutting down was the obvious approach but no satisfactory alternatives to a glass of wine were found. Most soft drinks are just too sweet and lacking in complexity, and don’t enhance food at all. Finding alcohol free wine to be a frustrating shadow of the drink she loves, she decided to take a completely different approach.

After months of extracting the flavour and goodness from a host of herbs, spices and other beneficial botanicals in the privacy of her kitchen, then meticulous experimentation with different combinations, and waiting to see how different combinations evolve over time, the distinctive, intriguing and captivating taste of Botonique was eventually born.

With a great market-ready product based on her food and drink expertise, Hilary has been busy applying her solid business knowhow to help establish her business Genius Drinks, and most importantly, get Botonique noticed and appreciated by both retailers and consumers alike.

Drinks production, investment funding, small business, entrepreneur, manufacturing, 


- Guest articles for Daily Mirror, Healthy Diet, The HR Director, At Home with Lorraine, Welldoing at more.
- Seminar Presentations at various trade and consumer events 
- Interviewed for Bar Magazine, InaPub, The Hertfordshire Business Independent, Retail Newsagent and more

- My story: How I started my drinks business
- Key steps for launching and growing a new drinks brand
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"WE were delighted to discover botonique, A really dry, complex and food friendly drink"

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