Margo Manning

Having worked in the corporate world for over 20 years, Leadership and Management Expert, Author and Professional Speaker, Margo Manning, has real experience working at a junior through to a senior level within many roles, industries, and sectors.

Her defining passion and drive is within leadership and management development; specifically empowering her clients to deliver at the best.  As much as that sounds like a cliché, the fact remains, that when you feel in control and are taking responsibility whilst being accountable for your own success (and failings), things happen.   Opportunities present themselves, promotions happen, salary reviews become more productive, work-life balance is manageable, life becomes more manageable and fun.

After working with one too many development providers that were offering a great catalogue of programmes and facilitators and only delivering at best a mediocre service at worst shockingly bad delivery, Margo decided that enough was enough and that she (along with a talented team) could deliver a service where people and service with the primary drivers. Never wanting to be a company so big that we forget our purpose and values, Bute Ltd was born followed by Margo Manning Ltd and then the 3:2 Management development programme.

Working within the development arena it is not unusual to get caught up in ‘ideal world’ thinking; If it says in the book, then it must be true! Margo made the deliberate choice to ensure that she kept her feet grounded in the real world and over the years have dipped out of the learning and development environment into real work e.g. working in projects, finance, IT, administration and more. These were within industries such as banking, insurance, construction, education, retail and more.

Her distinctive approach is embodied in her ability to enable those in executive and management roles in any business area to transform themselves into extraordinary business leaders. Margo's methodology is not a ‘one size fits all’ prescribed solution.  Just as everyone is an individual, everyone should have a bespoke individual approach to their own success. This approach will enable individuals to recognise their strengths and turn their professional limitations into positive and achievable successes.

Having worked with major names such as Hobart Lovells, UBS, Brunswick Group, Tower Hamlets Homes, Aon, Balfour Beatty, Kantar and many more, Margo has helped major brands raise the bar in many specific areas; Leadership and Management, Change Implementation, Customer Experience, Team Development and Board Room progression.

While much of Margo's time is now spent coaching business leaders and speaking, She is still heavily involved in the design and delivery of training programmes to ensure they will inspire individuals to be extraordinary, provide sustainable skills and improve personal performance. Margo is also the author of 'The Step-Up Mindset For New Managers' (£14.99, Panoma Press)

Leadership & Management Development, Change Implementation, Customer Experience, Team Development, Board Room Progression, New Managers, Management Underperformance 

- Presenting - Experience of presenting on camera
- Guest articles for many publications across business and consumer sectors
- Speaker Presentations at trade conferences/exhibitions and company events
- Interviewed for radio, online and print

- Reasons Behind Underperformance And What To Do About It
- Driving Success Through Performance
- How Effective Is Your Organisation At Changing Attitudes & Influencing Behaviours?
- The Step-Up Mindset For New Managers


"Margo and her organisation are big picture thinkers. Margo works with leaders and mangers to develop them both in groups and one-to-one situations. She manages to tailor her delivery for everyone and the feedback and return on investment from our staff has been excellent.

She has a structured and yet informal approach which works very well in our industry. She is not scared to challenge our managers and leaders and as a result they come back from her sessions full of energy and ideas.


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