Dr Mwenya Kasonde

Dr Mwenya Kasonde is a passionate entrepreneur, speaker and writer, with a special interest in African Business and Real Estate Development. She is the author of 'A Brighter Shade of Black', published in 2015, a book which offers a new perspective on Africa, as a continent for growth and profit, as apposed to an area talked about only in terms of poverty and aid.  

Dr Mwenya Kasonde is a medical doctor turned entrepreneur. She studied at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, graduating with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. She also holds a diploma in Health Economics from University College Dublin.

Mwenya left her career in emergency medicine to set up Sishima Holdings, a group of companies with varied business interests, which currently include publishing, real estate and real estate development. The company is an African company dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of the continent and its people.

Sishima Holdings recently launched its flagship luxury residential property development named Inseko Park, in Zambia aimed at local and international residents.

Mwenya writes and speaks extensively on the subject of African business trends and opportunities. She is passionate about economic empowerment, health and poverty alleviation, driven by the desire to show the positive and exciting aspects of Africa which are often ommitted in mainstream media stories.

Entrepreneurship, Women in Business, Real Estate, Property Development, African Entrepreneurship, African Economy, Female Entrepreneurship in Africa, Doing Business with Africa


- Presenting - Experience of speaking on camera, interview on BBS TV
- Guest articles for many publications across business and consumer sectors
- Speaker Presentations & Panels at exhibitions and conferences both in the UK and internationally including ZamReal 2017. 
- Interviewed for TV, radio, online and print

- A Brighter Shade of Black - Why Africa isn't as poor as you think
- African Business Trends and Opportunities
- African Entrepreneurship at the Forefront of Development
- Rebranding Africa - Why Africa's boom is not over yet
- Africa's Economic Potential - There is money to be made in Africa


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 ‘’ MWENYA IS dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of the continent and its people..’

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